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CJG Retail Member Application

Thank-you for your interest in becoming a Canadian Jewellery Group retail member. Please tell us a bit about yourself and your jewellery business.

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Do you carry Giftwarepick one

If you answered yes to the above question, please indicate the percentage of jewellery vs. giftware that you carry.

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Application Process

What to Expect

  • The CJG Head Office reviews your application and performs a reference and credit check.
  • A personal guarantee is required from each member (all owners) to ensure members meet their financial obligations for purchases made through the Group. If all required information is received with the application, this process normally takes about two weeks to complete.
  • Once completed, your application and credit checks will be forwarded to the CJG Board for approval. This process can take an additional week to complete.
  • During this time your name will be submitted to the general membership for any comment they may wish to make regarding your application.
  • Assuming there are no problems with credit or market conflicts with existing members, your application will be approved for a six month probationary period, during which time you will have access to all benefits of membership.
  • Your account will be closely monitored during this period.
  • Near the end of the six months, the Board of Directors will vote on your membership, resulting in either a decision to offer full membership in the CJG to you, or if there have been problems, a decision to notify you of termination of your membership.
  • When you are granted membership your share in the company of $1,000.00 will be required, in full, at that time. Volume rebates are accumulated for your company during the probationary period, but you are only eligible to receive them when you have paid your share capital contribution and are a full CJG member.
  • During this process, we will keep you informed of any and all changes to the status of your application and/or membership. You can of course contact the Head Office and inquire about the status of your application at any time.