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Givex is a technology company offering clients a global reach with cost-effective gift card, omni-channel loyalty, analytics, stored value tickets, and cloud-based POS systems. Our gift card programs help merchants drive sales and profit, while our loyalty programs foster customer retention and provide valuable customer data. We also provide Vexilor, our agile, cloud-based point-of-sale system, which increases operational efficiencies and provides valuable and actionable data via embedded marketing. Givex products and services enable you to better drive sales growth and support customer relationship management and enterprise planning. For members of the Canadian Jewellery Group Givex has Special Rates! Contact us for more information.

  • Gift cards and E-gift cards – Gift cards and E-gift cards help you drive sales and create lift. They are also a great way for your customers to publicize your brand to their family and friends. Gift cards are a $90 billion business and e-gift cards hit $11 billion worth of business in 2014.
  • Loyalty Programs – We have a variety of loyalty programs each of which match different merchant needs. Our loyalty programs go beyond simply getting repeat visits, to also attaining valuable customer data, which can be used to tailor promotions and improve customer service.
  • Vexilor POS – Vexilor POS is the cloud-based, PCI compliant, and EMV Chip and Pin ready POS system with free software and hardware upgrades. It is agile in that it can provide enterprise level capabilities for large businesses and yet also serve the needs of small, cost-conscious businesses who wish to scale as well.


Note:  All invoicing will be direct to members.  Members will pay Givex directly.

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