Flexiti Financial

Contact: Beau Winter English Rep. Francis Serinet English Rep.
Work 85 Richmond Street W. Toronto Ontario M5H 2C9 Canada Toll Free Phone: 877-259-3745 Cell Phone: Beau Winter / English Rep. 647-464-8558 Cell Phone: Francis Serinet / English Rep.416-254-1532 Website: www.flexitifinancial.com
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Flexiti Financial provides instant consumer financing at the point-of-sale with high approval rates and top-notch customer service. Flexiti financing plans will be available for CJG members with special rates compared to non-CJG members.

Flexiti Financial is a Canadian sales financing company founded in 2013. Using their award-winning mobile application process, customers can apply for financing and receive instant approval within minutes – no paperwork, no scanning and mailing, plus retailers get paid within two business days. Today, over 7,000 customers use Flexiti financing in 1,000+ locations across Canada. Flexiti Financial is backed by some of Canada’s leading investors including Globalive Capital Inc.

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