Diebold Nixdorf

The Diebold Company of Canada Contact: Robert Hart
Work 6630 Campobello Road Mississauga Ontario L5N 2L8 Canada Work Phone: 905-817-7600 Work Fax: 905-813-7380 Cell Phone: 647-236-3845 Website: www.dieboldnixdorf.com
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Diebold Nixdorf has been providing security products and leading service solutions to financial institutions and retail customers, through the historic Diebold Safe and Lock Company spanning more than 150 years. Service and protection of customers’ assets with pneumatic tubs (VAT), safes, vaults, safe deposit boxes and locksmithing services. Our certified and experienced team preserves your investment through preventative, on-call and emergency service solutions.


True nationwide coverage with one of the largest direct staffing model with the ability to service >85% of the Canadian landscape and an extensive subcontractor workforce that meets our high level of service quality and delivery.

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