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Contact: John Lamont Carla Adams
Work 600 – 27 Queen St. East Toronto Ontario M5C 2M6 Canada Toll Free Phone: 800-636-9536 Work Phone: 416-368-4840 Work Fax: 416-368-1986 Website: www.jewellerycrimecanada.ca
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Jewellers Vigilance Canada (JVC), a subsidiary of the Canadian Jewellers Association, provides a comprehensive Crime Prevention Package (CPP) to the Canadian jewellery and watch industry with the support from their crime prevention partners, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group.  Included are the JVC Crime Alert Bulletins which has been a valuable tool in alerting the jewellery industry to criminal activities and, in some cases, helping police solve some crimes.


All CJG members are encouraged to participate in the Crime Prevention Program.

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